Individual Growth & Development Indicators

Research-based, preschool assessments

Individual Growth & Development Indicators (IGDIs) are a set of preschool assessments for monitoring the growth and development of children on the pathway to kindergarten.

Scientifically validated for identifying children who are experiencing difficulties acquiring fundamental skills necessary for academic success, IGDIs can also be used to measure developmental gains and inform instructional needs of individual children.

Quick & Easy to Administer

Administration takes about 10 minutes per child and can be delivered by any professional educator.

Psychometrically Sound

Backed by over a decade of research, IGDIs have been shown valid, reliable, and sensitive to growth over time.

Designed for MTSS & RtI

Well suited for general education, special education & english language learners.

Reliable & teacher-friendly school readiness measures

IGDIs are predictive of school-readiness and later academic success

  • Much like how a pediatrician uses a child’s height and weight to determine physical development, IGDIs are quick and reliable indicators of early reading and math skills.

IGDIs were designed with characteristics specifically for use within early childhood settings

  • Standardized
  • Quick
  • Age-appropriate
  • Individualized
  • Inexpensive
  • Supported by evidence
  • Require minimal training

IGDIs help preschool educators form data-based decisions and communicate progress to parents

  • Utilizing online reporting tools, generate individual, group, class, school, and district reports to visually represent status and progress. Quickly translate test data to Tier level recommendations for targeting intervention and share reports with caregivers to help explain developmental gains or delays.

IGDIs can also help educators…

  • Identify struggling learners
  • Inform & differentiate instruction
  • Create performance snapshots
  • Monitor progress over time
  • Develop data-driven decisions
  • Clarify IEP goals

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