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Getting a price quote is easy.  Simple click on this button and complete the form.  Or call our sales team at (612) 466-4980.

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Do you charge Sales Tax?

We only charge sales tax to buyers in Minnesota and Florida. If you have a Minnesota or Florida billing address and are Sales Tax Exempt, fax us a copy of your Tax Exempt Certificate and we will waive any Sales Tax charges.

How much time does it usually take for deliver?

Once we receive your Purchase Order or Credit Card payment, it typically only takes between 5-7 business days for delivery of goods depending on your location. However, we usually advise expecting at least 7-9 business days to be safe. If you need your order in a rush, we highly recommend selecting the Expedited Shipment option.

  • Standard Freight: $15/classroom set
  • 2-Day Air: $45/classroom set

Is there a printable version of the Order Instructions?

What should I order?

First, determine which assessments you are/will be using. You can choose either the set of language and literacy assessments (myIGDIs Early Literacy+) and/or the early numeracy and math assessments (myIGDIs Early Numeracy).

Next, do you already own the administration kits? These are the flashcard binders that come in the plastic bins. If not, you will need to get started by ordering the Classroom Starter Sets. The Classroom Starter Sets come with everything you need for your first year of implementation. The following year…

… or if you already have the administration kits, you just need to order the Renewal License. The Renewal License includes all of the recording forms and online services for the new school year. See product descriptions for specifics.

Can I place my order online?

No – we no longer accept orders via our website. However, you can still place your order over the phone by dialing 612-466-4980 x4.

Who should I contact with questions about creating a custom order or al-a-carte pricing?

Yes. Please call 612-466-4980 x1 for a quote.

Do you still have the original “Get It Got It Go” materials available for purchase?

Yes. Please call 612-466-4980 x1 for a quote.

Who should I contact with questions about placing an order?

Please call 612-466-4980 x4.