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Convenient, Informative & Educator-friendly Trainings

We provide support for assessment and MTSS/RTI implementations of all sizes & varieties – whether it’s for a single classroom or part of a large-scale initiative. Here’s how we can help:

  • Implementation planning
  • Staff training & onboarding
  • Ongoing support to ensure a successful & sustainable roll-out


In this training you will be introduced to the assessment and learn proper administration techniques to begin collecting data. This course is a combination of lecture and a hands-on session.

Course Content

Background & description of the measures, theoretical framework, reviewing demonstration video, practice administering and scoring the assessment in small groups.


2-3 hours




Whether you are a beginner or an advanced IGDI test-giver, become a reliable assessor by taking this in-depth course in which we pay close attention to proper administration protocol.

Course Content

Learn about fidelity, review proper administration protocol, practice checking for fidelity using integrity checklists in small groups, and take quick quizzes to recap.


2-3 hours


Previous training on administration is strongly recommended.


Planning on using IGDIs within a multi-tiered framework? Learn best practices when it comes to screening, progress monitoring, and using data to drive instruction in your early childhood classrooms.

Course Content

Learn about MTSS/RtI as a decision making framework, how to make data-based decisions, communicate results, target intervention, create student plans, and effectively monitor child progress.


3 hours


Gathered at least 1 round of seasonal screening data (recommended)

Training-of-Trainer (TOT) / Certification Training

In order to support a district-wide implementation, we strongly recommend embedding proper professional development supports for long-term program sustainability by registering for Certification Training.

During this 2-day training, participants will be instructed on proper administration protocol and be expected to demonstrate adequate reliability as an assessor. Assessment tools covered will include: Early Literacy+, Early Numeracy, and the Data System. This course is a combination of lecture, hands-on session, quiz, and a one-on-one session. Upon successfully completing the Certification Exam, participants will become Certified Trainers and will be granted training materials to train colleagues.

What is a Certified Trainer?
Certified Trainers are early childhood professionals who have attended the myIGDIs Certification Training and have passed the myIGDIs Certification Exam within the past year. myIGDIs Certified Trainers have demonstrated that they:

  • Are a reliable IGDI assessor.
  • Possess a strong understanding of the IGDIs assessments.
  • Are well suited and prepared to perform fidelity checks and train others on the use of IGDIs.

Who should participate and why?
We suggest that any multi-site early childhood program using myIGDIs should have Certified Trainers embedded within the program in alignment with MTSS concepts. Certified Trainers will be able to provide local training support to administrators and classroom educators. The end result is a sustainable implementation, high fidelity data collection, and inside expertise on hand.



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Our professional development model is designed to ensure opportunities for programs of all types. We offer a variety of training courses that range from introductory courses to continued, ongoing support. Each course is carefully crafted to bridge best practices into the classroom.