Online Reporting Tools


A data system that allows teachers and teaching staff to easily record and track relevant data is a necessary component of an early childhood RTI system. Because so many of the decisions that need to be made within an early childhood RTI system are data driven, an efficient, easy to understand data system is essential to ensure that data can be considered and acted upon in a timely manner.

That’s why we developed the myIGDIs Data System – designed to streamline the data management process so that you’re able to focus on instruction in the classroom.

  • Accessible from any device with internet connectivity, monitor student performance in real-time to quickly make informed, data-based decisions.
  • Create reports for planning classroom instruction or for communicating progress reports to parents to help ensure students are reaching important school readiness goals.
  • Analyze assessment data, measure effectiveness of instructional changes, and track performance trends in alignment with long-term outcomes.

Comprehensive Progress Reports

Generate individual, group, class, school, and district reports to visually represent status and progress. Quickly translate test data to Tier level recommendations for targeting intervention.

Secure District-wide Data Management

Manage your student data across multiple classrooms and schools electronically. Access your data remotely from any device with an internet connection.

Support & Improve Family Engagement

Share performance “snapshots” with families & caregivers to help explain developmental gains or delays using data as a guide.

“myIGDIs provide a simple, effective way for teachers to assess the development of children, translate that learning into work with individual children, and discuss developmental gains or concerns with parents.”

– Carol Miller, Deputy Director of Early Childhood for Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board in Minneapolis, MN