Our Story

Early Learning Labs represents the product of two decades of research and innovation at the University of Minnesota – research conducted by a team I’ve been honored to help lead, and that has included talented educators, researchers, and practitioners. With the goal of doing high-quality research that leads to effective and “do-able” practice, our team offers early childhood educators and care-providers with evidence-based solutions for their classrooms.

We know that developing skills crucial to school success begins in preschool – and we know that more than one-third of America’s young children enter kindergarten without some of these important skills. It’s our mission to address this issue head-on, and give early educators tools that help improve outcomes for all children.

Our early childhood assessment program, myIGDIs, helps early childhood educators identify children at-risk of poor learning outcomes early and monitor development goals often.

We look forward to working with you!


Scott McConnell, PhD

Founder of Early Learning Labs, Co-creator of IGDIs & Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota

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